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With the MetaObjects AP you automatically get first access and whitelist for every NFT project we launch in the future - it is your sole choice which projects to participate in, either way your place is reserved.

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  • Buy and hold any MetaObjects NFT - this will grant AP for every future project.
  • Buy AP on a secondary market (

We work with top artists to create the most unique work of art, AP guarantees you will always have early bird access to our drops and many more fun things to come.
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Our Projects

Meet the upcoming artists and their unique NFT art collections.

Our Projects

Meet the upcoming artists and their unique NFT art collections.

Royal Eggs

If you’ve ever wanted to truly feel a part of a real royal family, this is the project for you. Each one of these royal eggs is handcrafted and algorithmically rendered into a magnificent work of art created by 3D artists with over 20 years of experience. Each Royal Egg is a key. A key to a new, exciting monarchy for which only key holders have access.


Fash Goes Meta

Artist: Roy Joseph (@roy_fashart)
17 years old artist influenced by Vexx, Roy is a brilliant artist who is also learning science and programming. Vexx posted on his Instagram a work done by Roy and the it became viral.
Roy invented a character named Fash, the design was so good that the next step had to be creating a game for the character. "Fash Catch" is in stores also available for PC. Now Fash Goes Meta.
The graffiti art style,, inspired by sonic adventure's art, making the fash asset more time-consuming than usual because the coloring and thickness of lines which has to be perfect.
Fash holders will create graffiti art on the Fash game and convert their art into NFT which they could sell directly within the Fash Marketplace.
Also, several merchandise contracts for Fash have been closed and will be announced in time.

Royal Butler

The Butler

A direct continuity of the Royal Eggs Project by the art team of Royal Eggs. Only Royal Eggs holders will get the Butler, which will deliver the PassKey. The Butler is a Smart Contract AI Project. We cannot reveal many details currently, get your Royal Egg and you will be eligible to get your Butler.

The Artist

World of Merve

Artist: Merve Özel. (@posebanart)
Merve is a fantastic artist specializing in illustrator art; with a Master's Degree from Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts.
Merve has been committed to her art style for a long time, mirroring herself in every image, pre-announcing her heart wish through her art, drawing the woman she can be in the Metaverse.
This project proposes many questions about who we are in the real world and what we can be. Welcome to the World of Merve.
Will be available for minting soon.

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